Thursday 6 December 2018

Third try-out The Lobby Experience at ProDemos The Hague

Wednesday January 16th from 8 - 9.30 pm
ProDemos The Lobby Experience

Wednesday January 16th, ProDemos organizes a special evening together with Eddy Seesing. On the basis of an experiment you enter the world of lobbying and you experience how it is when lobbyists try to persuade you with their arguments. The official language this evening is Dutch.

With this project, Eddy Seesing wants you to experience what it is like to have to weigh different views on a subject as a politician, administrator or policymaker. On the basis of the theme 'Regulation of Lobby in Dutch Parliament' you are being persuaded by five different lobbyists.

The Lobby Experience is being supported by CBK Rotterdam and Mondriaan Fund.